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The benefits of group singing for older adults

There are a HUGE number of benefits to making music with others. This is something that we perhaps all know instinctively, but it is so great to have access to so much scientific research now that backs up this innate knowledge. Benefits Of Group Singing For Older Adults Academic Research

Now, older adults can enjoy some fantastic musical input at home as well.

Please do join us for a FREE therapeutic music session on Monday, March 4th at 9.30am.

This is going to be a great opportunity to join in with, or just listen to some beautiful music and meet others - if you would like to - there's no pressure to do anything at all!

These are just a few of the things you will get out of coming! All whilst having a lot of fun!

  • Increased self-confidence

  • Improved interaction with other people in social settings

  • Reduced anxiety and aggression

  • Fewer incidences of depression

  • Fewer hospital visits

  • Better ability to communicate even with speech difficulties

  • Improvements in the tone of your speaking voice

  • Easier breathing

  • Improved posture

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