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Courses in Music Therapy

For those who are interested in training to be a Music Therapist; and for qualified Music Therapists interested in continuing professional development

There are a number of fantastic Music Therapy courses that we run throughout the year. Read on to find out more about those that are currently available. In addition to those listed, we have courses in Neurologic Music Therapy. Please get in touch for more details.

Young musician

This Inner Voice offers online courses to students who are interested in becoming Music Therapists. This is an ideal way of discovering whether a career in Music Therapy could be for you. We also offer continuing professional development courses for trained Music Therapists. These include 'An Introduction to Neurologic Music Therapy' and 'Neurologic Music Therapy for regaining speech after a stroke'. See below for more details about our courses.

On June 4th 2024, in association with the British Association of Music Therapists, Serenna Wagner (NM Therapist and professional Singer) is leading a free morning workshop in London for trainee or qualified Music Therapists who are looking to build their confidence in voice-led interventions with clients. Please follow the link for further details and to book your place. 

An introduction to Music Therapy 
4 hour intensive

An introduction to Music Therapy 
12 hours over 6 weeks

If you are interested in Music Therapy, but not yet sure whether to take the plunge and undergo the full training, then this short course is an ideal way to find out whether Music Therapy could be the right career for you. We will be covering a number of different aspects of the life of a Music Therapist and course content includes:-

Aim: To provide an overview of Music Therapy as a potential career, including its principles, applications, and requirements.

Course Outline:

Module 1: What is Music Therapy?

(1 hour lecture with time for Q&A)

  • Definition of Music Therapy

  • Psychodynamic & Neurologic Music Therapy - what do they entail?

  • How can we help? some real-life applications of MT

Module 2: A day in the life of a Music Therapist

(1 hour)

  • Therapeutic settings

  • Nature of the work

  • Client groups - 2 case studies

Module 3: Music Therapy in action

(1 hour)

  • interactive workshop - intro to 2 key Psychodynamic and Neurologic techniques

  • Opportunity for participation

Module 4: Preparing for a Career in Music Therapy (1 hour)

  • Educational pathways and training programmes overview

  • Personal qualities

  • Licensing and registration requirements in the UK

  • Career prospects and potential employers

  • Q&A


  • Handouts summarizing key points in each module.

  • Recommended reading list for further exploration.

  • Useful contacts


This 4-hour course aims to provide a foundational understanding of Music Therapy as a career. It should equip participants with the knowledge they need to make an informed decision about pursuing further education and training in this field.

This course is currently available at a special introductory offer rate of £137.00 until the end of November 2023.

If you are serious about Music Therapy then you might like to train with us over a longer period. This course will provide you with an ideal foundation in key aspects of Music as a precursor to studying Music Therapy at Master's level:-

Aim: To provide a detailed insight into the world of Music Therapy (both Psychodynamic and Neurologic approaches) and to understand key concepts and work on some essential techniques. Course content includes:-

Course outline:

Module 1: Intro & First steps

(1 hour live lecture tutorial including

case study footage

2 x 30-minute lessons)

An overview of the course content:-

Psychodynamic MT

Neurologic MT

Client groups

Setting up & creating the perfect environment

Mothering techniques

Clinical improvisation

Working with brain injury

4 key NMT techniques

MT with the elderly

MT and Neurodiversity

Revision and putting it into practice

What is Music Therapy?

Who can it help and how?

Discussion about thedifferent client groups and applications

An introduction to Psychodynamic & Neurologic MT

Module 2:

Psychodynamic Music Therapy

(1 hour live lecture tutorial including

case study footage)

 (2 x 30 minute lessons

45 minute clinical improvisation workshop 

‘walk in my shoes’)


  • Setting up and creating the perfect environment for Music therapy including focus on:-

  • Schaffer’s Mothering Techniques



  • What is clinical improvisation? 

  • Working psychodynamically with clients with brain injury


Module 3:

Neurologic Music Therapy

(1 hour live lecture, 2 x 30-minute lessons

 45-minute workshop)


  • Melodic Intonation Therapy

  • Musical Stimulation Technique

  • Rhythmic Auditory Stimulation Technique

  • Therapeutic Instrumental Music Performance


Module 4: Music with the elderly – treating Dementia and Alzheimer’s

(Guest lecture -1 hour

 1 hour lesson/workshop with Serenna and our visiting expert)

  • Guest lecture with our resident expert who works with MHA with case study footage incuded

  • Excellent free sheet music resources provided


Module 5: Bringing it all together – NMT & Psychodynamic MT 

( 1 hour lecture tutorial 2 x 30-minute lessons)

  • Using both techniques alongside each other

  • Focus on working with NEURODIVERSITY

  • ASD, ADD, ADHD – how MT can help

  • Client case study: Tobias

  • Serenna talks about her work with clients with ASD


Module 6: Conclusion

(2 x 1 hour sessions with emphasis on student participation)

  • Basic song-writing of essential MT songs

  • Putting it into practice

  • Revising everything we have learnt on the course

  • Lots of opportunities to practise working online

  • Creating your ‘HELLO’ and ‘GOODBYE’ songs

  • Essential parts of your MT toolkit

  • Notes on furthering skills, more training and how to build experience

  • Guide to developing a career in MT

  • Certification of course completion provided

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