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We have expertise across several different areas

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Our specialisms

Brain Injury

Rebuilding gross and fine motor skills

Non-verbal communication

Vocal rehabilitation

Speech and language work (see opposite)


Recovery after stroke

Rehabilitating speech and language (see opposite)

Physio support

Emotional support

Regaining motor skills

Neuro diversity

Development of social skills

Emotional support

Speech & Language development

Learning disability support

Building confidence

Speech and Language

Neurologic Music Therapy delivered by a vocal specialist packs a very powerful punch. 

Non-verbal clients

Aphasia (Expressive and Receptive)

Apraxia of speech



Finding freedom from
self-sabotaging behaviours including substance use disorders & promoting healing and recovery

This Naked Mind Institute Coaching

Option to combine with

Neurologic Music Therapy

If you have other areas of therapeutic need and would like to discuss how we might be able to help


This Inner Voice

Thank you!

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