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Director, Serenna Wagner talks about performing...

Professional and amateur performers alike are prone to suffering from performance anxiety. In my own experience, it has been a terrible hindrance at times and in many instances made the act of performing a painful and stressful trial, instead of a joyful sharing of one's passion, talents and love of music with others. It is only very recently, using my pro coach training, that I have been able to feel much more at ease and even reached the point where I have not only enjoyed performing but found that the adrenaline has helped me and enhanced rather than reduced my abilities.

Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety coaching

We are able to offer a powerful and dynamic coaching methodology for overcoming performance anxiety. There are options to work 1-2-1 and we have also devised a fantastic workshop for use in schools. Our material is principally aimed at singers, but the principles apply to any high pressure performance situation. Get in touch for more details, and in the meantime enjoy reading our free booklet.

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