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Serenna Wagner, Director of This Inner Voice Music Therapy and Coaching


Serenna Wagner is a Health Care Professions Council Registered Neurologic Music Therapist, certified coach with This Naked Mind and a professional, classical Singer.

This Inner Voice brings these complimentary disciplines together in very special ways.

As a Therapist and Coach, I am interested in creative, innovative and science-backed ways in which I can help people with the challenges they face. I’m trained in a specialist area called Neurologic Music Therapy and I know that it is possible to harness the power of music to create real neurologic change. I have developed a powerful set of interventions and courses, channelling evidence-based methods to help our clients with a number of physical, social, emotional and psychological difficulties.

"Serenna is an excellent Music Therapist" NH, Care Home Manager, Nhants

"It was a privilege to hear you work with T today" AB, parent, Oxfordshire

"J clearly gets so much out of the sessions' BH, classroom teacher

" I love you and your music, Serenna" client, aged 8

In recent years, I discovered the beauty of combining expertise from different areas to engender incredible results. Forward-looking and dynamic coaching technique with the gentle, therapeutic, healing power of music; Neurologic Music Therapy methodology for survivors of stroke who are regaining their speech with the insight into voice production from a classical vocal training; therapeutic instrumental music lessons for regaining fine motor skills after a brain injury; singing to assist with stuttering...

I am absolutely passionate about driving results for my clients: thinking 'outside the box' to make these a reality and deploying different strands of knowledge, training, research and experience together in ways that are carefully tailored for our clients and their families.

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