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‘’His, little, voice…"

Communication booster – introductory offer

Helping clients with ASD with communication using

Neurologic Music Therapy (online)

There are so many different facets of the Autistic Spectrum, but families of the clients I work with have identified some key areas where support is often needed. One of these is speech –  clients may have the ability to speak, but lack awareness when it comes to speech tone, social cues and turn-taking. Others may have echolalia, word-looping, very little or sometimes no speech at all.  Typically, clients who have difficulty expressing themselves through words can experience a huge amount of anxiety, frustration and upset as a result of their difficulties which can be just as hard on their loved ones and caregivers.

A powerful, science-backed and yet gentle, creative intervention

Our area of expertise is delivering potent, evidence-based Music Therapy that has a powerful impact on the client’s ability to communicate with others. This is done first and foremost by creating a comfortable, relaxed, no-pressure environment using music. There are a number of specific techniques we use to promote interaction and develop speech This Inner Voice, but as music is such a gentle and flexible modality, the client doesn’t feel as though they are doing anything other than having a lovely time. In a relaxed, non-judgmental environment, words or the beginnings of them, often start to emerge, especially when singing. 

Similarly, therapeutic vocal work is a proven method of making a client’s speech much easier to understand and help with modulating the voice more easily. We can tailor specific interventions to match the client’s needs exactly.

"Serenna helped me to Sing in my speech, which I use a lot now - the singing helped my pitch and intelligibility" JD


Professional vocal + Music Therapy training = amazing results!

Neurologic Music Therapist Serenna was delighted to discover that when she first worked with this client group, that her impact was greatly intensified by 20+ years of working as a professional singer and voice coach. Her understanding of the mechanics of the voice and development of effective ways to help clients to actually produce words has set her apart in this field.

  • We will be invigorating and priming the voice for action through engaging warm-ups, specifically designed to be engaging and not tedious!

  • Targeting important words – using powerful MT techniques to help. Follow the link to read about these: This Inner Voice

  • Enjoying the stress-free environment created by music

  • Gaining a clear understanding of how this work can be continued outside of session times


Next steps to take:-


  1. Fill out a short initial assessment form (see details below)

  2. Receive an email and book a 30-minute online phone/zoom call

  3. Download your fantastic resources, including an informative short book ‘Music Therapy for Autism’ written by Serenna Wagner, whose research paper ‘His, little, voice…’ studied all the different ways to help non-verbal children with speech through Music Therapy

  4. Receive a 60-minute communication-booster session entirely tailored to the client’s needs with the option to record and use again (please bring post it notes, if you have them!)

  5. 30-minute follow up call with advice about next steps and how to continue to make progress


BONUS: Personalised song which includes target phrases/words for the client to listen to regularly to maximise progress.


Gentle and accessible

Please rest assured that the methods used are very gentle and accessible. The client and caregiver need not have any musical experience whatsoever. A willingness to join in and sing a little bit is all that is necessary. In my experience, carefully devised singing work has been a huge key to helping clients with ASD.

This very special introductory offer is available at half the usual price before Christmas 2023. Grab it now for £97.00 instead of the usual £194.00


Next steps:-

Would you like to take up this fantastic offer? Here’s how to get started:

1. Click the ‘Buy now’ button below to submit your payment.

2. After you submit your payment, you’ll receive your welcome message, Ts&Cs and other relevant information within 1 business day.

3. Once your agreement has been signed, you’ll be given access to your short assessment.

4. When your prep work is complete, you’ll be given a link to schedule your first session with me. Then, we’ll have our session and arrange the next 2 after that. Zoom links will follow.

Do you have any questions? Email us:

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