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"The suffering comes between the knowing and the doing"

Glennon Doyle


Coaching with This Inner Voice


Based on This Naked Mind methodology, and packed with research-backed coaching technique and inspirational ways of making progress, This Inner Voice is ideally placed to help clients who are ready to make significant lifestyle changes. Typically, our clients face struggles with behaviours that are self-sabotaging. Clients may hold limiting beliefs, often operating below the level of conscious thought, which lead to self-destructive behaviours such as substance use disorders.

Our technique has a far-reaching impact and can be used very effectively where neurological change towards or away from undesirable behaviours is required. One of our most popular courses is finding freedom from alcohol. Many of our clients have been interested in raising self-esteem, changing their attitudes towards money or reassessing their careers. We have found that live music, tailored to our clients' preferences can be a very effective therapeutic element during coaching sessions, offering a welcome change of pace, cementing new thought patterns and promoting the healing process. 



Explore the coaching programmes we offer.

The emphasis of the work is tailored to individual needs. 


1-2-1 coaching 
4 weeks

A 4-week intensive beginners' course to get you started

weekly individual 60-minute online calls

access to written course materials

e-mail/text support

This Inner Voice journal

Beach Fun

1-2-1 coaching
12 weeks


A 12-week programme designed for maximum impact

weekly 60-minute online coaching calls

access to course materials

email/text support

This Inner Voice journal

Yoga Friends

group coaching
12 weeks

A 12-week course with a small group of like-minded individuals

weekly 75-minute calls

access to course materials

e-mail/text support

This Inner Voice journal 

Our online coaching courses

This Inner Voice runs inspirational courses that include video tutorials, written course materials with workbook and live sessions - they are ready to download. Follow the links below to find out what is currently available.



Greater confidence lies at the heart of all self-development.

This popular course is designed to help you break through and transform the self-limiting beliefs that are preventing you from fulfilling your potential.

This 5-module course includes written materials and videos - a potent combination of coaching and Neurologic Music Therapy designed to rewire your thinking away from self-sabotage and towards a much more positive and self-supporting mode of operating.


This popular course has all you need to make inroads into a dysfunctional habit with alcohol. This is one of our most popular and high-impact courses that will help you to completely re-evaluate your situation and enable you to overhaul your thought patterns and create new ones.

This 5-module course includes written materials and videos - a powerful combination of This Naked Mind Institute approved coaching and Neurologic Music Therapy technique. 

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