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Serenna Wagner, Music Therapist and Coach

Neurologic Music Therapy

 In the hands of a trained Music Therapist, this very special, versatile and creative modality has the power to change lives in incredible ways. Read on to discover the dynamic and far-reaching impact it has had in the lives of our clients.

"NMT has proved to be incredibly effective in helping my dad to learn to talk again after his stroke earlier this year. It was, by far, the most effective intervention he received"

What is Neurologic Music Therapy?

Read more about the powerful techniques involved in NMT and how it can help

"It was so emotional when dad said my daughter's name, for the first time in a year"  JB, Devon

Experience the transformative power of music.

Here are a few insights into the work we do...

Guitar Class

Speech & Language development

Musical stimulation technique works brilliantly, especially with non-verbal clients

Retraining an even gait 

Rhythmic Auditory training is fantastic for clients with Parkinson's/rehabilitating after a stroke

Improving memory (clients with dementia)

Developing social skills 

Clients can use the therapeutic relationship alongside NMT technique to help them develop socially (typically clients with neurodiversity derive huge benefits)

Psychological support

Supported by a trusting therapeutic relationship, the client can express themselves and feel supported by the Therapist's music

This Inner Voice has courses for trainee Music Therapists or for Musicians who are interested in what Music Therapy involves. Contact us for information (there is no obligation or spam involved!)

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