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This Naked Mind Coaching with Neurologic Music Therapy

Are you ready to experience the powerful impact of This Naked Mind and Neurologic Music Therapy combined in a fantastic 1-2-1 coaching programme? This work is transformational,  regardless of the target thought patterns and behaviours. Please find details for one of our most popular programmes - the freedom from alcohol track. However, do bear in mind that the work is effective regardless of the behavioural specifics.

The 'Freedom' programme is designed not only to transform your relationship with alcohol but to help you with creating the life you can never seem to get round to imagining, let alone creating when a substance as insidious and as energy-sapping as alcohol is draining your resources. Based on the principals of the 12-week year for maximum effectiveness in the minimum time, and making use of principles backed by the latest research findings, courtesy of This Naked Mind's scientific approach, this programme has tremendous transformational power.

By reprogramming both conscious and unconscious neurological pathways, this programme leads clients towards freedom. Real freedom comes when there is no longer any impulse or desire to engage in the unwanted behaviours.  


12 weeks to a completely different life...


Intro & Assessment

In the first week, we will introduce you to the concepts of TNM and NMT, the science behind them and outline how they can be powerfully combined. We'll get to the bottom of your current situation and start to uncover the underlying thought processes that are leading behavioural habits.



Future plans

We get creative and enjoy an inspirational trip to the future using a guided-visualisation with live music. We put together powerful images and engage fully in conjuring the feelings we would like to be experiencing. 

According to research, attaching a positive and inspiring emotion to a series of goals makes them much more motivating and likely to happen.



The Pause

An essential step in the TNM system is 'The Pause'. Seemingly counterintuitive, this is the stage in the journey where you STOP trying to STOP. Instead  of pressuring yourself, you will continue with your usual routines, whilst becoming curious about what alcohol actually does for you, when you want it and analysing the true effects versus those promoted by societal influnces. This is the 'research phase'. 



Triggers & Coping Strategies



This week, we identify personal triggers such as stress or social situations. We help you to start to establish some healthy coping strategies using especially selected Neurologic Music Therapy repertoire that will support your new thought patterns​ and help to heal alcohol-related damage.



This is where we really start to examine our long-held beliefs about alcohol, and with the use of especially devised music, we can bring these out of the subconscious mind and into our immediate awareness. Many of the thoughts and beliefs we hold are the products of social-conditioning, marketing, parental or familial input. It can be very enlightening to trace these back and to get to grips with them since these are the internal drivers that are running your life!


Week 8



This is typically the time, when the powerful techniques and positive lived-experience of AF life start to come to the fore. We can reflect on those first days of freedom and cement the exciting new feelings and experiences as they emerge. Music can offer an excellent way of reinforcing those feelings by attaching enpowering repertoire to those new thoughts and helping to embed them more fully.



This week, we hone in on the specific TNM tactics that can best help you to maximise on the work we have done so far. There is a whole library of wonderful resources that I have access to, and together we can select the tactics that will be the most effective and enpowering. Music can be used to support the process


The Science

This week, it is all about alcohol. We will learn some uncomfortable and in some cases, unbelievable truths about the substance. For many clients, finding out some of the facts that are usually hidden under the aggressive and potent marketing for alcohol proves  to be incredibly powerful in terms of changing their long-held and deeply-ingrained narratives, thoughts and beliefs about drinking. 



The focus of the second part of the intensive transformation track is experimenting with how life might feel without alcohol in it. At this point, some clients like to undertake the 30-day free alcohol experiment challenge. This is a great opportunity to have a guided and supported foray into living AF and see how it feels. You will have my whole-hearted support along the way and all of TNM's research-backed methodology behind you.



Reinforcing the rewiring

At this stage in the process, we are looking to further emphasise all the positives that organically emerge during the first days of freedom from alcohol. We re-examine old thought patterns and re-inforce the 'turnaround' statements that we have devised together.


The home stretch

We revisit your original  goals for this period. Using the 12-week year we draw up some further plans for realising the first steps towards the dreams that you have in mind. There is time to reinforce how much more energy, enthusiasm and air time there is now alcohol is out of the picture. 



The final week is a celebration of all you have achieved. It's time to reflect on the progress and also re-establish ways of maintaining your new lifestyle and keeping on track with the dream life you now have clear access to. 

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