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Transforming lives through powerful, creative, evidence-based musical interventions.

"Serenna Wagner is an exceptionally talented Music Therapist with a vast range of experience to draw upon from a varied and rich career. Her career as a professional opera singer and singing teacher have enriched her music therapy practice and provide the foundations for her unique and innovative creative interventions. I have been fortunate enough to witness the remarkable growth and change that comes about as a result of her interventions and her warm, empathetic and caring nature that supports her work. Serenna is passionate about her work and I would highly recommend all her services." Victoria Kammin Senior Lecturer, Queen Margaret's University, Edinburgh

Serenna Wagner, Neurologic Music Therapst

Serenna Wagner

is an HCPC-registered Neurologic Music Therapist and qualified coach

We offer imaginative, results-driven therapy and coaching services designed to have maximum impact in improving the lives of our clients.

Discover how neurological change is initiated and nurtured through our inspiring and creative work. No musical experience is needed on the part of the client.

"Serenna's ability to combine a rigorous scientific foundation with a truly compassionate approach had a profound effect on me in a very short space of time." Private client

"Serenna is a compassionate and flexible professional who has been a joy to work with."  Asst Headteacher

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"Your voice is so rich and warm" (MB)

"I so enjoyed this morning's session" (LG)

"Amazing session... wonderful (MA)

"Loved the session this morning" (JK)

"Wonderful. Just what I needed..." (RB)

"What a lovely start to the week" (GW)

"I've never known my son to not enjoy a session..." (BC)

"My son is so much calmer afterwards..." (AB)

"I don't say it enough. Thank you so so much..." (MB)

"thank you for your wonderful work with the children..." (AE)

What are some of the proven benefits of Music Therapy?

Music therapy has been extensively researched and is recognized for its diverse benefits. Here are 7 proven positive effects of Music Therapy:-

  1. Improved Cognitive Functioning: Music therapy can enhance cognitive skills such as attention, memory, and executive functions. It's particularly beneficial for individuals with neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer's disease.

  2. Enhanced Communication Skills: Music Therapy is ideal for communication disorders, including autism and aphasia, Music Therapy helps improve verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

  3. Stress Reduction and Relaxation: Engaging in Music Therapy has been shown to reduce stress and promote relaxation, lowering cortisol levels and inducing a calm state of mind.

  4. Pain Management: Listening to or creating music in a therapeutic setting can lead to reduced perception of pain, especially in chronic pain conditions or during medical procedures.

  5. Improved Motor Skills: Music Therapy helps in the rehabilitation of motor skills in individuals recovering from strokes or traumatic brain injuries. Learning to play an instrument (hybrid therapeutic music lessons are sometimes used) is ideal for fine motor skills. Rhythmic auditory stimulation can enhance the recovery of movement in physical therapy.

  6. Enrichment: Music Therapy improves overall quality of life, promotes social interaction, and can alleviate symptoms of dementia.

  7. Support for Mental Health Conditions: Music Therapy is effective in treating conditions like depression, anxiety, and PTSD by providing a safe, creative outlet for expression and aiding in the regulation of mood.

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Serenna Wagner, Music Therapist

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Learn more about how we help clients to forge new neurological pathways, through a potent, dynamic combination of professional expertise, clinical experience and practical know-how. Scroll down to read some case studies.

Find out more about our specialist services by clicking the links below:-

Based in Oxfordshire in the UK, we offer results-driven online Music Therapy and coaching services specifically designed to meet the needs of our clients.

We work to produce neurologic transformation in both

psychological and functional areas.

See our specialisms page for more information about the clients we serve.

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​'Alas for those that never sing, But die with all their music in them!' 'The Voiceless, Holmes


Portrait of a Man

Through her deeply empathetic understanding and profound knowledge of cognitive science, Serenna was immediately able to transform my thinking

Young Female Student

I cannot think of a single time that my son didn't enjoy his Music Therapy session, even when he wasn't feeling well

Portrait of a middle-aged person

I cannot recommend Serenna and her therapy skills highly enough and would recommend her to anyone who is struggling to move forward to where they want to be in life.

Serenna’s Music Therapy has made a big difference to the lives of the children she worked with at our school. Her clients have included those with low self-esteem & emotional challenges, those with ASD and those with profound & multiple learning difficulties. Through the provision of engaging and enriching experiences, Serenna worked therapeutically with children on an individual level and in small groups, building their confidence, their personal & social development and their speech & communication skills. 

SC, Assistant Headteacher at an

SEND primary school, UK

Serenna Wagner, Neurologic Music Therapist
This Inner Voice Music Therapy and Coaching

This Inner Voice offers online courses to students who are interested in becoming Music Therapists. This is an ideal way of discovering whether a career in Music Therapy could be for you. We also offer continuing professional development courses for trained Music Therapists. These include 'An Introduction to Neurologic Music Therapy' and 'Neurologic Music Therapy for regaining speech after a stroke'. 

On Saturday, June 1st 2024, in association with the British Association of Music Therapists, Serenna Wagner (NM Therapist and professional Singer) is leading a free morning workshop in London for trainee or qualified Music Therapists who are looking to build their confidence in voice-led interventions with clients. Please follow the link for further details and to book your place. 

Serenna Wagner, Director
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