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Online Group Music Sessions

Playing a Shooting Game

Some of our clients feel isolated at home and enjoy the opportunity to socialise via our online groups. These sessions include live music of different genres, especially chosen to best match the interests of the participants. We believe in offering high-quality, engaging, accessible musical activities and performances for a very affordable monthly subscription. Many of our clients need some support from their carers but others are very happy to undertake the session independently once they have been set up. The first session is always free, so that we can make sure that our clients are happy and that everything is working well. 

What We

Neurodiverse Children

This group is especially for children with challenges arising from ASD or ADHD. Ostensibly we will be having a lot of fun with music, but at the same time, we aim to help the children with maintaining focus, developing social skills, taking turns and offering an enriching and interesting experience. 

Children with Brain Injury

This group is aimed at children who might benefit from some beautiful music for improving their quality of life, engaging them in some gentle activity or just for relaxation. 

Adults with Brain Injury

This group offers a lovely engaging experience to clients who might be at home a lot because of a brain injury. The session aims to offer high-quality and engaging musical experiences where there will be lots of opportunities to participate. Some clients prefer to relax and just enjoy the music and company. 

Elderly clients

This service is ideal for older adults who perhaps might find it difficult to get out and about independently but still want to enjoy some lovely musical experiences. Repertoire will be selected to match the interests of our members. This is a great way to meet others and socialise online. 

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