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Welcome to This Inner Voice Music Therapy and Coaching

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Hello! I'm Serenna Wagner, founder of a brand new company 'This Inner Voice'. In this, very first blog post ever, I wanted to introduce myself and tell you a bit about the company.

First of all - what's 'This Inner Voice all about'??

I chose the name because it encompasses my passions and links with many of the themes that the company is built around...

1. I'm an opera singer ( and singing has been an obsession since I was a little girl. My training in classical singing has proved invaluable - not just for performing but for developing technical knowledge of voice production - so important when helping clients with speech.

2. One of my major passions is helping non-verbal clients to acquire speech through Neurologic Music Therapy technique. It is astonishing how effective this intervention can be. Clients need not have any musical experience whatsoever. It has been amazing to witness the words coming back for my clients!

3. The title works really well with 'This Naked Mind' the wonderful company I did my professional coach training with Serenna Wagner - This Naked Mind. I was really excited about bringing music into coaching that centres around living healthily and overcoming substance use disorders. The Inner voice is the one that starts softly - telling you that change is needed.. I've had a lot of success in guiding clients away from self-sabotage and towards realising their dreams. Visit to find out more about our coaching offers.

Music Therapy is an incredible way of effecting lasting and tangible changes. It has numerous applications. Whether you are looking to help a loved one recover speech after a stroke, help a child with neurodiversity to develop social skills, gain confidence or over-come a substance use disorder, we can help!

Come and see what we are all about and download our fantastic new free guide to how anyone can use music to help mental health difficulties. You can also subscribe to receive regular updates, case studies, exclusive free resources and much more...

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