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Music in Schools

Friendly Circle

Online group singing sessions in schools
Having worked in SEND schools for a number of years, we are especially well-positioned to work creatively with children with special needs. Our online group calls are an ideal way for schools to access an interactive and age-appropriate session with music and songs that are curated to have a number of beneficial effects. These can range from bringing focus at the beginning of the school day, to encouraging turn taking, to energising or soothing and calming or helping children to unwind. 

Please do get in touch for pricing and further information. 

1-2-1 Music Therapy

We are able to offer a fantastic Music Therapy service to individual children in schools and this is available both in person and online. In our experience, this sort of work can offer a wonderfully powerful and expressive outlet for children, and be a huge support to those who many be struggling with mental health issues or problems that can arise from being  neurodivergent in a world that does not necessarily always understand the challenges that involves.

We have a wealth of experience in different school settings including mainstream primary and secondary, SEND primary and secondary public boarding schools. We are especially well equipped to support those children with Special Educational Needs. 


Do get in touch to discuss how we can help in your school. If you would like to know more about our 'Introduction to Music Therapy' careers talks then please see the 'lectures' page.  

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